University of Washington


1. Course Wrap-up 
On the last day of the introductory bioengineering course, students are prompted to reflect on the value of what they’ve learned.  more…   PDF

2. Teamwork and Lifelong Learning
In a capstone design course, students were in engaged in a workshop on teamwork and lifelong learning skills.  more…   PDF

3. Have You Made Good Choices Today?
Students in a learning strategies seminar reflect on how they have used their time for the day.  more…   PDF

4. Post Exam Reflection
Students reflected on their preparation for a chemistry exam.  more…   PDF

5. Developing Your Resume
Students reviewed the resumes of other successful students and reflected on their own perceptions of what components are important for a successful resume.  more…   PDF

6. Pre-Exam Exam
Students completed an old chemistry exam in a test environment to prepare for the actual, upcoming exam.  more…   PDF

7. Minute Papers in Lab
At the end of a lab activity, an educator prompted students to reflect on the lab with 3 questions.  more…   PDF

8. What? So What? Now What? 
After each weekly seminar presentation, students responded to three reflection questions about the class session.  more…   PDF

9. Engineering Concepts for a 4th grader
Students reflected on two writing assignments and several practical methods to improve technical writing skills.   more…   PDF

10. To be added  
This field guide entry will be added soon.  more…   PDF