Bellevue College


A guiding motto at Bellevue College is to “Become Exceptional”. Supporting students, staff and faculty to become exceptional is achieved through quality instruction and promoting campus resources that nurture growth. Investing the time and effort to examine an experience and plan constructive actions improves self-awareness and, applied in education, facilitates the process of learning.

The focus of this field guide collection was on student reflective activities used in courses. However, by pausing to talk with one another about teaching, creating the field guide became a faculty reflective activity “assignment” and was considered an enriching experience by participants. It is hoped to continue this collaboration at Bellevue College and to share the enclosed ideas with others in education.

1. Team Member Evaluations: Diving into Engineering Teams
After a sophomore engineering design project, students reflect on their team experience using an evaluation form.  more…   PDF

2. Understanding Environmental Problems through Chemistry
Students used equilibrium chemistry to uncover the concept of chemical buffers in relation to environmental problems.  more…   PDF

3. Seeing the Forest: Linear Algebra Application Project
Students reflected on the course material in linear algebra and identified how the concepts and theories are applied in their field of interest.  more…   PDF

4. Metals 1.0: Art & Engineering
Engineering students reflected on their art and engineering class experience.  more…   PDF

5. White Papers in Math
After the first exam, students complete a white paper to reflect on three prompts given by the educator.  more…   PDF

6. Biology Meets Computer Science: DNA Project
In an ongoing research project, students reflect on their interdisciplinary project experience and set goals for their participation in the project.  more…   PDF

7. Professional Lab Notebooks: An Introductory Research Lab Course
In a lab course, students were asked to reflect on their understanding of research science, lab protocols, data collection, and data analysis skills throughout the term and in preparation for the final course project.  more…   PDF

8. Exam Analysis
After the first course exam, students completed an exam analysis to determine what went wrong in an effort to improve their future exam performance.   more…   PDF

9. Reading Reflections in Physics
Students read their physics assignment and reflect on the material through an online reflection form.   more…   PDF

10. Scheduling Your Student Life
Students completed a schedule management assignment in their first college mathematics course.  more…   PDF

11. Earn Points Back – Test Assessment 
Students have a chance to earn more points on a test by redoing missed problems and writing about their mistakes and subsequent learning. more…   PDF

12. Self-assessment in Mathematics
Students have a chance to earn more points on a test by redoing missed problems and writing about their mistakes and subsequent learning.  more…   PDF