Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


At Rose-Hulman, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in science, engineering, and mathematics education.The Rose-Hulman Reflection Field Guide documents a selection of activities used by ten Rose-Hulman educators from departments across the institute and from all levels of learning. They serve both as a model for student experiences with reflection and a springboard for adopting and adapting reflective activities to your classroom or context.

1. Photo Documentation of Co-Curricular Involvement
After participating in a co-curricular activity, students reflected on their experience through photo documentation.  more…  PDF

2. Senior Capstone Design: Weekly Sprint Reflection
In a senior capstone design course, students individually wrote a reflection on their weekly sprint, and then in collective groups discussed these reflections and project progress in their weekly planning meetings.  more…   PDF

3. Insta-Reflections as Reading Reflections
Each week of the course, students reflected on their reading by posting pictures on Instagram.  more…   PDF

4. Weekly Reflections and Connections
Each week of the course, students reflected on their learning in class by making connections between class information, labs, and course objectives.  more…   PDF

5. Reflection on Intellectual Development
On the first and last day of class, students reflected on their intellectual development on the Perry Scale.  more…   PDF

6. Exam Wrapper: Reflecting on Exam Prep
After an exam, students reflected on their exam preparation and the connection to their performance on the exam.  more…   PDF

7. Reflection Writing Assignment
Students reflected on their study abroad experience working in cross-cultural groups.  more…   PDF

8. Concept Maps: Connecting the Dots
Students reflected on their knowledge of the class concepts and how those concepts are related.   more…   PDF

9. Neon Notecards: Periodically Checking in with Students
Periodically throughout a 10-week course, students reflected on their specific learning in the course.   more…   PDF

10. Process Problem Assignments
After completing weekly homework assignments, students reflected back on their process and described their process for engaging in the homework problems.  more…   PDF