Clarkson University


Founded in 1896, Clarkson university is an independent, technologically-focused, and the third smallest nationally ranked research university in the U.S.

This Campus Field Guide is provided for educators to share and learn about reflective practices employed on our campus and to provide ideas for their own teaching. By collecting, documenting and showcasing a variety of activities, we hope that this field guide facilitate the adoption of reflective teaching practices by educators working in engineering education or the STEM fields more broadly, but in particular they are intended for the Clarkson community. We hope that the field guide provide a creative launching point for developing or further shaping of reflective teaching practices at Clarkson and on other campuses.

1. To Fly or Not to Fly
Students reflected on their experience debating an ethical issue.  more…   PDF

2. Using Model Predictions to Solve Challenges in a Team Design Project
In a lab, students reflected on theory, experiments, and simulations to make a prediction about the success of their team design project  more…   PDF

3. Notecards: Reflecting on Quiz Preparedness and Performance
After receiving their graded quiz back, students reflected on their study process and understanding of the course material.  more…   PDF

4. Story Writing as a Tool for Enhancing Engineering Education
First-year engineering students reflected after each of four laboratory-style activities, which were designed to build a particular engineering skill (e.g., using shop tools for basic prototyping or empirically determining a spring constant).  more…   PDF

5. Open-Ended Design Problems
In their design teams, groups of students explored and reflected upon other groups’ design solutions.  more…   PDF

6. Talk to Me: Secrets to Success
To help prepare students for conversations with faculty members, the students discussed myths, fears, and experiences about communicating with faculty members and prepared an elevator speech for communicating with faculty members.  more…   PDF

7. Homework Re-Dos: Reworking Problems and Explaining Errors
After each class, students were asked to complete homework assignments. Students were given the opportunity to re-work missed homework problems and explain the errors.  more…   PDF

8. Team Design: Skills Survey
Students reflected on their strengths and weakness to help determine roles on the team.   more…   PDF

9. Reflecting on Effective Teamwork
Students reflected on their experience debating an ethical issue.   more…   PDF

10. Written Course Project
In small groups of 2-3, students worked on a course project in which they reflected back on class learning, synthesized that learning to explore an assigned problem area, and reflected on their project.  more…   PDF

11. Professional Experience Requirement
Students individually participate in a self-selected professional experience and then reflect on their experience.  more…   PDF