Georgia Institute of Technology


In 2014, Georgia Tech was among a dozen institutions invited to participate in a consortium to promote teaching practices that help undergraduate engineering students reflect on their experiences. As one of the top-ranked engineering programs in the country, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing an engineering education of exceptional quality through continual innovation in instructional methods and course design, and by embracing strategies that help our graduates develop into professionals marked by insightful and careful thinking.

By incorporating reflective practices into our classrooms, we can help students engage in deep, enduring, and self-directed learning, effective design and problem solving, and lasting professional development.

1. Reflecting in Pre-Reading Quizzes
As part of a pre-reading quiz, first-year students wrote descriptions of problem solutions.  more…   PDF

2. Midterm Synthesis Reflection
After learning about the history of U.S. foreign policy, students reflected on what president was the best leader and why.  more…   PDF

3. Feedback Survey
Two-thirds of the way through a course with a flipped classroom approach, students reflected on their experience in the course.  more…   PDF

4. Peer and Self-Assessment Using a Skills-Development Rubric
As a part of a course using a problem-based learning approach, students evaluated both their own and their peers’ performance according to a set of four skill areas.  more…   PDF

5. Reading Response
Students read an article and reflected on their reading by writing a reading response.  more…   PDF

6. Minute Papers: Strengths, Insights, and Improvements
At the end of the class session, students reflected on their learning in that class session and how features of that class session supported their learning.  more…   PDF

7. Directed Reading of a Research Article
Students read research articles in groups and reflected on the content and purpose of the findings as a class.  more…   PDF

8. Major Assignment Reflection
At the end of major assignments, students reflected on their learning in the assignment.   more…   PDF

9. Peer Feedback in a Research Laboratory Experience
In lab sessions, students presented a status of their experiment in small groups and provided each other with feedback.   more…   PDF

10. Minute Papers: Taking Stock of the Day
At the end of a class session, students reflected on a question related to the class.  more…   PDF

11. Exam Wrappers: Reflecting on Study Skills
After an exam, students reflected on their exam preparation, their performance on the exam, and their preparation for future exams.  more…   PDF