Green River College


At Green River, we are examining the multitude of ways reflection can be used during the problem-solving process and also as a way to improve our student’s learning focus. We have created a core group of faculty from three academic divisions that gathers monthly to study and discuss reflection and its role in producing transformation in engineering education.

The field guide presented here is a small collection of some of the reflective practices Green River faculty use in their classrooms. We hope you will read through these entries and consider reaching out to your colleagues for ideas on how you too might include reflection in your courses.

1. Team Roles and Responsibilities
Students reflected on their group project experiences and applied a role-based, team framework to ensure future group activities would be successful.  more…   PDF

2. Taking the Time to Plan
In an introduction to engineering course, students completed a time management activity to reflect on how they use their time as students.  more…   PDF

3. Electronic Team Journals
In a series of design projects, students maintained a team journal to reflect on their project and process at the end of the term.  more…   PDF

4. Client – Consultant Mathematics Project
Students take on the roles of client and consultant to explore problem solving in linear algebra.  more…   PDF

5. Homework Time Upgrade
After submitting a homework assignment, students responded to a brief survey about what they did to complete the assignment.  more…   PDF

6. In-Class Problem Sets
Students engage in team problem solving in a mechanics of materials course.  more…   PDF

7. Process as a Path to Solutions
Students reflect on the course material and engage in designing a set of steps to solve problems as a team.  more…   PDF

8. Teaming in Differential Equations
Students complete an open-ended project in differential equations that prompts them to reflect on their team experience.  more…   PDF

9. Math Test Reflection Essay
After completing an exam, students wrote a reflection essay about how the test went.   more…   PDF

10. Entropy, Revisited
After completing the entropy unit in thermodynamics, students reflect on their knowledge and develop a definition for a non-engineer.  more…   PDF