Seattle Central College


1. Your Own Understanding
After a class session focused on derivative rules, an educator administered a conceptual questionnaire examining students’ understanding of the topic.  more…   PDF

2. Exam Wrapper: Explaining Why
After a difficult exam, students earned partial credit for reworking problems and explaining why they missed it on the exam.  more…   PDF

3. Collaborative Learning in Mathematics
Students were assigned to specific roles in a team and were responsible for grading each other for their contribution and participation to the group project for the day.  more…   PDF

4. Balsa Wood Bridge Project
After completing a design build project, students reflected on their design process.  more…   PDF

5. YouTube Test Corrections
In the engineering physics course, students create a video of themselves solving, and talking through their entire exam.  more…   PDF

6. Becoming an Engineering Learner
In an orientation to engineering course, the first assignment prompts students to explore their attitudes, and study habits to develop a strategy for becoming a successful engineering learner.  more…   PDF

7. Leveraging Strengths for Success in Math
Students reflected on their academic goals and personal strengths that can support their success in a per-calculus course.  more…   PDF

8. Peer Assignment Review
Students reflected on their own excel programming practices after viewing their peers’ work.  more…   PDF

9. Calibrated Writing in Chemistry
In a general chemistry course, an educator used a calibrated peer learning system to guide students to reflect on their lab reports.   more…   PDF

10. To be added
This will be added soon. more…   PDF