Arizona State University


These field guide entries presented here are from Arizona State University – Polytechnic Campus and are descriptions of reflection activities that educators use with students. They provide information for possible replication or adaption. They also offer inspiration for readers interested in implementing reflection activities in their work with students. All of the 12 campus partners have a campus specific field guide with at least 10 reflection activities.

1. Muddiest Points Reflections: Asking Students to Express Confusing Points from Class Instruction
At the end of class, students individually reported on their “muddiest points” related to the class session.  more...   PDF

2. Informal and Formal Design Reviews
Throughout various design projects, students reflected on their work in design reviews.  more…   PDF

3. Class Project Reflections and Reflection Essays
At the end of each class project, students reflected on different aspects of the lab.  more…   PDF

4. Reflection After Hands-On Activity
First-year engineering students reflected after each of four laboratory-style activities, which were designed to build a particular engineering skill (e.g., using shop tools for basic prototyping or empirically determining a spring constant).  more…   PDF

5. Mock Interviews
At the end of a design course, students participated in mock interviews.  more…   PDF

6. Assessing Exam Preparedness
Before an exam review, students assessed their learning, preparedness, and confidence of class content.  more…   PDF

7. Eliciting Critical Incidents in Focus Group to Encourage Student Reflection on Class Experiences
Students individually and collectively reflected on their experiences in a course by identifying critical incidents using trigger statements and a focus group format.  more…   PDF

8. Reflecting in Online Discussion Posts: Connecting Technical Content to the Broader Context
Individually, students engaged in reflection on online discussion posts about technical content related to alternative energy sources.   more…   PDF

9. Peer Review of Presentations Using VoiceThread (VT)
Capstone teams presented design briefings and then individually, students peer reviewed other group’s presentations.   more…   PDF

10. Weekly Status Reports: Individual Reflections Based on a Group Activity
Each week students individually reflected on their experience working on a group design activity.  more…   PDF