Reflection at Stanford

By: Brook Sattler, PhD
CPREE multi-campus coordinator

On my year one visit to Stanford, I had the pleasure of spending time with co-PIs Dr. Sheri Sheppard and Dr. Helen Chen. In partnership with Stanford’s Center for Teaching & Learning, we hosted a workshop on reflection—“Brainstorming Strategies to Foster Reflective Practices in STEM Classrooms.”

In this workshop, we shared information about CPREE and how workshop participants could get involved in the project on Stanford’s campus. The main workshop activity was the “Reflection Mad Libs” activity. During this activity, workshop participants worked together to fill in these Mad Libs:

    1. Reflection helps ­__X___ to __Y___, in order to __Z___.
    2. Reflection helps __X___ to __Y___.
    3. Reflection is important because __X___.
    4. Graduates with reflection skills will be able to __X___.
    5. **Create your own**

****­__X___        ****__Y___, ***__Z___.

Over 20 students, staff, and faculty participated in the workshop; this diverse turn out led to rich conversations. I look forward to seeing how these rich conversations lead to more reflection integrated into the culture at Stanford.