“Reflection in Engineering Education Workshop” at University of Washington

In the final year of CPREE, the consortium hosted a two-day workshop on “Reflection in Engineering Education,” attended by over 60 educators from 22 institutions across the U.S. and abroad. This workshop built on the documented CPREE reflection activities, as well as the CPREE team’s experience working with educators to integrate reflection activities into their teaching. Specifically, workshop participants were invited to:

  1. examine reflection activities that have been conducted by engineering educators,
  2. explore strategies for choosing or creating a reflection activity to integrate into teaching practices,
  3. practice adapting a reflection activity to one’s own teaching practice, and
  4. identify possible ways to use reflection activities in future teaching.

By the completion of the workshop, participants were able to take away a clearer understanding of reflection, a repertoire of sample reflection activities, an initial draft of a reflection activity tailored to their own teaching setting, and a network of like-minded colleagues.

Click the thumbnail below to download a PDF of the workshop workbook.

thumbnail of cover for reflection workshop workbook