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Understanding Environmental Problems through Chemistry
Students used equilibrium chemistry to uncover the concept of chemical buffers in relation to environmental problems.

Reading Reflections in Physics
Students read their physics assignment and reflect on the material through an online reflection form.

Reflecting in Online Discussion Posts: Connecting Technical Content to the Broader Context
Individually, students engaged in reflection on online discussion posts about technical content related to alternative energy sources.

To Fly or Not to Fly
Students reflected on their experience debating an ethical issue.

Entropy, Revisited
After completing the entropy unit in thermodynamics, students reflect on their knowledge and develop a definition for a non-engineer.

Using Model Predictions to Solve Challenges in a Team Design Project

In-Class Problem Sets

Process as a Path to Solutions

Story Writing as a Tool for Enhancing Engineering Education

Written Course Project

Reading Response

Directed Reading of a Research Article

Insta-Reflections as Reading Reflections

Weekly Reflections and Connections

Online Course Community

Interactive Grading